I have been using the Gosnare GOS Q5S Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for a little while now and believe that I can provide an accurate review of them. In fact I am listening to Miles Davis on them while writing this review. However, I digress, everyone ready? Let’s go.

FIT: I found the GOS Q5S headphones to have a comfortable fit in my ears. They do not have any other accessories or implements to hold the headphones in place. Instead they come with various sizes of covers that will fit securely in most ear canals. I have not had any issue fitting them to my ears, but that will not be true for everyone. Although, these headphones fit me well, they did not stay in place while moving around or lifting things around the house, let alone while working out. So I give these a passing grade for fit, but you need to know what you are going to use them for.

SOUND QUALITY: The Gosnare headphones have decent sound quality, but they are not exceptional. They are a bit “tinny” (treble leaning) for my tastes. This was fine for listening to podcasts, classical music, or most pop. However, for listening to jazz, rock, or hip-hop, these headphones don’t provide a strong showing. As you know, I am not an audiophile, but if you want a full range of sounds the GOS Q5S may leave you wanting.

RANGE: I don’t believe what most of these companies say about the effective range. They can claim whatever they want. What I care about is how does the range actually work. For me, these headphones have plenty of range. I can put my phone on my kitchen counter and go into most rooms in my house and not lose any sound or call quality. I did lose some quality when going to the farthest portions of my house away from the kitchen, upstairs and down in the basement laundry room, but I could still hear what was happening and did not lose connection.

DURABILTY: I have worn these headphones for quite a while and, while I am ashamed to admit it, dropped one and stepped on it. The GOS Q5S’s did not suffer any damage, not even a scuff, and worked as well as before. I appreciate this type of durability and ruggedness, especially in such small devices.

MULTI USE ABILITY: As I said above, the Gosnare headphones don’t have much low end (bass) sound quality, so not all music will sound well in these headphones. The call quality is good, however, while it is good in my ears, those that I have called said I sounded garbled and far away. I can’t risk someone on the other end not being able to hear what I am saying, and therefore, can’t use these headphones for calls which is disappointing as they are small, fit in my ears well, and hold a charge for a long time.

So, there you have my thoughts for my focus areas. Overall, these are good headphones but will not perform as well as many of their higher priced competitors.

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